Why your brand is bigger than your logo...


When you're starting out, or in the early stages of creating a business, it can be easy to just think 'I need a logo!'- what you are saying is that you want a graphic representation of your business to put on your website and business cards. 


But what you need is a memorable overall 'brand' that will attract people to your equestrian business. Let me put it this way.. What are your colors?  When you go to a show, what are your colors? Your boots, helmet, saddle pad, etc.  Your stall aisle? Banners? This creates your entire look.  It creates a great turn out vs. a hot mess.  Are you memorable? In a good way or a bad way?  That, my friends, is branding. But, let's break it down even further.



There are approximately 859,000,000 explanations of what a 'brand' actually is (and that's just on Google!), but here are some simple ways I like to explain it:



  • Your brand is your business' personality/identity

  • Your brand is the experience customers receive when they interact with your business

  • Your brand is how your business looks, sounds, feels and acts

  • Your brand is your business' reputation ("what people say about you behind your back")

After all that, you might still be thinking 'yeah but I'm only small, I don't really need all that!'. This is an extremely common mindset, and one that I really want people look beyond. Below are just a few reasons why having an overall brand is so important (even for small businesses & freelancers!):

  • Future-proof your business for growth
    You say you're small now, but what if you want to grow and scale your business? Sure you may not care about that now, but in 2 years you can't know what you will want. Growing from a solid foundation of a well-thought-out brand is much easier than getting several years down the line and having to do a complete overhaul, starting from scratch. 

  • Pave the way & stay ahead of the competition
    In this day and age, it's simply not enough just to have one logo slapped on your website, business cards and letterheads. That is not a 'brand', and your customers are getting increasingly savvy about that. If they have to choose between you and your competitor, who has a modern, cohesive brand that they resonate with, they're going to choose them. 

  • Gain customers who truly love your business
    Yes, you can probably get by with customers who buy from you once and that's that, but the real money is in gaining customers who are loyal advocates of your business. They understand what you're about and it resonates with them, they stay local to you but not only that - they recommend you to others like there's no tomorrow! It's hard to get customers like this if you don't have a clear brand/personality because they can't see what you're about.


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