Does your equine business need a logo?


A logo is the face of your business. Let's change the question. Do you need a face?  Short answer...YES.


1. It is expected.

2. Looks more established.

3. Attract more business, followers and sponsors 

4. Brand yourself.

5. More reputable.

6. Shows commitment

7. More memorable.

8. More professional.

9. Differentiate yourself.

10. Stand out!


Think about what the primary job of your logo is – a logo helps customers distinguish between products on a shelf, online, or on the TV.  It also differentiates you from the competition. For example, take a look at this pile of pellets. Can you tell what kind they are?


Do pellets need a logo? Absolutely. Without a logo, you can’t tell if the contents are a fly inhibitor, ration balancer, some magic voodoo from SmartPak, or something else. You don’t know if the magic brown pellets are show legal, or what it will cost you, because the product looks exactly like every other brown pellet in the world. In this case, adding a logo would be critical, not only for brand recognition, but it tells you what kind of pellets you are buying.


Get a logo.  Show us who you are.

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