1. Get out a calendar.  Write down post ideas for the month.  

2. Figure out your #'s.  Keep it simple (3 is ideal) and consistent.

3. Post consistently.  Just one post per day works.  Refer to 1.

4. Tag.  Locations, people, products.  Keep it sincere....

Equestrian's are inundated with social media advice. You’ve doubtlessly read about a million and one things you could be doing to boost followers, engagement, and gain new business or sponsors. 

But have you done it yet? Let me help you out a little.


When you're starting out, or in the early stages of creating a business, it can be easy to just think 'I need a logo!'- what you are saying is that you want a graphic representation of your business to put on your website and business cards. 

But what you need is a...

Yes, if you have a business, you should have a website. Period. No question. Without a doubt. But the real question is Why?

1. Your competition has a website.

2. People can search you online.

3. Great advertising.

4. Open 24/7

5. Improves credibility.

6. Appears more success...

Top 10 reasons for social media for your equestrian/equine business...

1. People love it.

2. Sponsors want it.

3. More relatable.

4. Sponsors want it.

5. Increases exposure.

6. Creates loyalty.

7. Creates relationships.

8. More accessible. 

9. Let's your personality shine.

10. G...

Do pellets need a logo? Absolutely. Without a logo, you can’t tell if the contents are a fly inhibitor, ration balancer, some magic voodoo from SmartPak, or something else.

Simply competing isn't enough, even if you finish well. This fact seems to be lost on most. You're virtually useless if you don't have an audience beyond the dozen people that may see you at a show.

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